There is a resurgence and a veritable reimagining of the economy happening within the Cryptocurrency space. RESCUE aims to put some of that surge in wealth towards supporting the rescue of the over 40 million enslaved people.

The idea to create a coin with a true dedication to Rescue Every Child from Slavery came to us and we began the process of creating RESCUE. It has been a labor of hope and love and today we present to you what is going to be our life’s true masterpiece.

Core Values
  • End Human Trafficking
  • End Child Sex Trade
  • True Financial Transparency
  • Full ecommerce utility for coins

Charitable Impact

You may be asking yourself, “why don’t I just donate instead of buying a coin”? And we actually encourage direct donation to charities working hard to end child trafficking! However, as experience has shown all of us, people are already donating what they feel they should. We seek to bring more attention to this problem and offer a creative means by which the charities can benefit. We seek to provide benefits from the Cryptocurrency transactional system which would otherwise never go to support these charities. The is a large untapped potential within this arena!

How is RESCUE Different?

Our vision and our non-profit operational costs make us vastly different than any new coin created in the marketplace.

Initial Launch Vision
  • Find charity partners to support.
  • Create Website and Social Media Platform.
  • Create direct donation program.
  • Create educational program aimed at helping people understand RESCUE and how to get involved.
  • Simple Javascript enabling merchants to accept RESCUE for purchases.

Post Launch Vision
  • Work to promote a payment platform to more companies.
  • Continue to help fund children being freed from slavery.
  • Work with Cryptocurrency exchanges to increase adoption of RESCUE in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Work to bring awareness to RESCUE to create strategic partnerships and endorsements.
  • Point of sale transfer ability for RESCUE holders to pay for any purchase that accepts Bitcoin.

RESCUE's Financial Transparency
  • Coins held by the company will be listed on the website.
  • Additionally all expenses paid by the company will be summarized in the accountability section of the website.
  • All coins held for charity will be listed on the website.
  • All money and coins given directly to charities will be listed on the website.
  • Any money removed from liquidity pairs will be listed on the website.


Barry Trottier
Garett Berg
Kai Moonborn
Backend Developer
Aaron Berg
Tudor Constantin
Blockchain Developer
Jill Moellering
Project Manager / Support
Cari Doderick
Project Manager / Support
Stacie Trottier
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